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INNOCEAN Privacy Policy

INNOCEAN INC. (hereinafter, “the Company”) places a high value on personal information of data subjects (hereinafter, “user”, “users”, “you”, “your”) who use and make reports on the Company’s Ethical Management website(system). The Company makes every effort to comply with applicable laws and regulations related to the protection of personal information. This Privacy Policy aims to protect users’ rights to the protection of personal information and to effectively deal with matters with regard to the processing of personal information.

1. Purpose for Collection and Use of the Personal Information
The Company collects and uses personal information of users for the purposes described below. The collected personal information will be used only for the purposes below, and when the Company wishes to change or add the purposes, it will take necessary measures to comply with relevant laws and regulations.

- Reports/Complaints Processing (receiving and investigating the reports, notifying the result etc.) related to the Company’s corruption, irregularity and others

2. Personal Information to be Collected and Used
You can choose to report either anonymously or with your name on it. If you report with your name, the following personal information will be collected.

- First and last name, date and year of birth, Telephone(cell phone) number, e-mail address, Connection Log, IP address, Contents and Attachments files.

3. Retention of Personal Information and Period of Use
Personal information collected via Ethics Management system will be destroyed without delay after the purpose of use is achieved.
However, exceptions apply to cases in need of additional retention, for example, for dispute resolution or mandatory retention according to applicable laws or regulations.

4. Destruction of Personal Information
① Unless the Company is obligated to preserve personal information under relevant regulations, the Company destroys personal information when it becomes unnecessary, without undue delay (i.e. when the retention period is terminated, when the purpose of collection and use is achieved etc.)
② The procedure and methods of destruction are as follows.

A. Procedure of destruction
The Company selects personal information to be destroyed and destroys it under the approval of the Company’s Personal Information manager.

B. Methods of destruction
- Personal information recorded or stored in electronic format will be destroyed in non-restorable manner.
- Personal information recorded or stored in printed (paper) format will be shredded or incinerated.

5. Disclosure of Personal Information to 3rd Parties
① 3rd Parties (possibly) receiving Personal Information: When the reporting/complaint is about other group companies of the Company, the Company will disclose your personal information to the applicable group company such as Hyundai Motor, Kia Motor, Mobis, Hyundai Glovis, Hyundai Engineering, Hyundai E&C, overseas affiliates etc.

② Purpose of Disclosure: Reports/Complaints Processing (receiving and investigating the reports, notifying the result etc.) related to the involved company’s corruption, irregularity and others

③ Categories of Personal Information: First and last name, Date and year of birth, Email address, Contact (Phone number)

④ Period of RetentionㆍUse: Until the purpose of use is achieved.

6. Consignment of personal information processing
① The Company assigns the processing of personal information to an external specialized company.

- Assignee: Hyundai Autoever Co., Ltd.
- The scope of Assigned work: ‘Ethical Management system’ Management

② When the Company enters into the consignment contract with the Assignee, the following contents will be specified: prohibition of processing personal information outside the assigned purpose, technical and managerial protection measures, limitation of re-consignment, management and supervision on the assignee, remedies etc. The Company oversees whether the assignee collects and uses personal information in safe and appropriate manner.

③ When the scope of assigned work or the assignee is changed, the Company will reflect such change to this Privacy Policy and make it public on Ethical Management website.

7. Location of processing and transfer of personal information to other countries
① In principle, your personal information will be processed in Republic of Korea.

② In case of the cases involving overseas affiliates, your personal information will be transferred to the 3rd country of the location of the affiliate.

8. Safeguarding measures of Personal Information
The Company takes measures to safeguard personal information as follows.

① Technical measures
A. Encryption of user information
Personal information of users is stored in the DB in encrypted from, so that personal information cannot be used in case of accidental leakage.

B. Encryption of communications section
For the section where the users’ personal information is entered, personal information is securely delivered through SSL.

C. Installation of security solution
For providing the service and safeguarding personal information, the Company has the following security measures in personal information processing system: vaccine program, periodical updates and program checks. For fighting intrusions such as hacking, continuous monitoring is performed by installing the intrusion prevention and detection system.

② Managerial measures
A. Establishment of personal information management system
For safeguarding personal information, an internal management system for personal information is established.

B. Operation of personal information protection committee
The Company organizes a committee for personal information protection and holds one or more meetings a year to improve and correct issues relating to the operation of the personal information management system and the protection of personal information.

C. Management of personal information processors
For personal information processors who handle user information, the Company conducts at least 1 personal information protection training session a year, to emphasize the importance of information processing and to ensure that personal information is handled securely. Further, the Company controls access rights of personal information processors to minimize unnecessary access to and disclosure of personal information.

9. Rights of Users and the Exercise thereof
① Users may exercise the following rights to the Company, with regards to the protection of their personal information.

A. Right of access

B. Right to rectification

C. Right to erasure

D. Right to restriction of processing

② Users may contact our Personal Information Manager at any time to exercise the aforementioned rights, in paper or electronic format such as email, fax etc. In this case, the Company will take necessary measures without undue delay.

③ When users request the rectification or erasure of their personal information, such information will not be used or provided to third parties until the necessary measure is taken.

10. Automatic collection tool for cookies and the denial thereof
The company uses ‘cookies’ in the website.

- A cookie is a small piece of text sent to your browser by a website you visit. It helps the website to remember information about your visit.

You can configure your browser settings to either allow all cookies, indicate and confirm when the Company has set a cookie in your browser, or block all cookies.

※ How to configure (in case of Internet explorer): Tool > Internet Option > Personal Information > Advanced settings.

11. Personal Information Manager
① To protect personal information and to handle complaints with regards to personal information, the Company has appointed Personal Information Manager as below.

◈ Personal Information Manager
- Department : Corporate Innovation & Policy Team Lead, INNOCEAN Headquarters Global HQ
- e-mail :

② Should users have any inquiries about the protection of their personal information, the handling of complaints, or the remedy for damages while using the services provided by the Company, users may contact our Personal Information Manager. In this case, the Company will answer to the inquiries promptly and sincerely.