File a Report

About Speak Up

  • Receives and handles your report of unfair requests and personal gain abusing his/her official capacity.
  • Real-name application is recommended and your report will be handled with confidentiality to the extent reasonably possible.
  • We inform you that this speak up service does not receive and handle reports that are not related to unlawful, unethical or improper conduct of employees.
Subject to Report
  • Company Asset
  • Sexual
  • Conflicts of
    Interest and
  • Disclosure of
    Confidential Information
  • Any other matters you consider Misconduct
Informant Protection
  • Confidentiality

    Personal information of the informant will be kept strictly confidential.
    No files or information will be revealed which might aid in the unauthorized identification of an informant.
    The “No Disclosure without Consent” Rule will be applied.

  • Non-Retaliation

    Promise of no retaliation against executives and employees who consulted or reported violations of company regulations as well as executives and employees who cooperated in investigations of reported matters on supplying information, statements and submission of evidence.

  • Report of Incident involving Informant

    When the informant reports corruption or irregularities himself/herself may engage,
    a reasonable treatment will be followed in full consideration of the extenuating circumstances.