File a Report

My Report Procedure

  1. File the Report

    You may check your report registered in ‘My Report’.
  2. Under Review

    It may take a preparation time till to commence an investigation.
    The contents of your report shall get through the preliminary procedures followed by checking with related departments under the principles of informant protection.
  3. Under Investigation

    Investigation shall be commenced after finalizing the investigation plan.
    Investigation shall be set up in a consecutive order according to filing order of the reports.
    Timeframes for investigation may vary depending on the nature and complexity of matters and resources available.
  4. Completion of Investigation

    The investigation is completed through reviewing relevance and fats in issue.
  5. Case Close

    The report shall be closed when the discipline is finalized according to the internal regulation after completion of the investigation.
  6. Note. Check the Result of My Report

    When the informant reports in real name and requests the result feedback, the result of treatment shall be advised to the informant unless there is any significant risk or conflict of legal right and interest of the company.